Who are we?

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The Maple Drive Community Group Committee
Karen Taylor
Committee Chairman 

Hi I am Karen Taylor and I am the chairman of the Maple Drive Community Group. I am married with three children: Katie, Lauren & Drew and I also run my own business. I have lived in Maple Drive since I was four years old so have seen many changes and people come and go but have always been passionate about the community.  In 2016 I was asked by members of the Bedelands Summer Fayre if I would be prepared to take over from Frank Milligan who had sadly passed away and who had done the fayre for many years.   I asked his family what they thought and was told that they thought I would do a good job and make him proud.  After the first fayre that we did in Frank's memory we then changed it to the Maple Drive Fayre as it wasn't just for Bedelands residents but for everyone.  We now strive to make our fayre a memorable one that has something for everyone and we welcome anyone's ideas, help and support (with in reason lol).  I hope to continue to do this for many years yet, but always need the locals' help.

Cathy Lee 
Committee Treasurer

Hi, I am Cathy Lee, mum to three grown-up children. I have lived in Burgess Hill for 35 years. I started my role of Treasurer in January 2019 and I'm really looking forward to my first fayre. I currently work as a book keeper and part-time School Bursar at a local primary school. 

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Julia Rye
Local Youth Club Leader

Hi, I'm Julia Rye, mum of three and have lived in Maple Drive for over 25 years. I have been involved in The Community Fayre for a number of years and have been running Respect Youth Club for 10 years.

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Andy Taylor
Committee Member

As the Chairman's husband, I have been roped into setting out the night before and setting up on the day and other bits. This year it was suggested that I just as well join the committee officially. So here I am. 

Liz Adshead
Committee Secretary

I was involved in the "Fayre" for many years under the Bedelands Community Project, and am now part of MDCG. I attend Sheddingdean Baptist Church and am on the RESPECT Youth Club Committee, with some practical involvement. I have lived in Leylands Ward for twenty- four years till having to move in 2017. I am retired.

Trevor Beckett
Trevor Beckett
Local Baptist Minister

My name is Trevor Beckett and I am the Pastor of Sheddingdean Baptist Church. I live with my family in the local area and we are delighted to be involved with the summer fayre. The church has been involved in the fayre in a variety of ways since it first began. We are delighted to give our ongoing support.

Stephen Beckett
Stephen Beckett
Committee Member

My name is Stephen Beckett, I am the son of Trevor Beckett (shown above). I joined the committee in December 2018 and since then have been helping out with tasks such as making the website and plotting stalls on to a map for the annual fayre. Before I joined, I always helped out on the day of the fayre. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time helping out so far and hope to continue into the future 

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Alan Ranger
Local District Lion

I have lived in Burgess Hill since 1987 and have been a resident of the Maple Drive area since 2002. I am married to Jen and have a son, a stepson and a stepdaughter who all live in Burgess Hill. I have one granddaughter plus another grandchild expected soon.

   I'm a retired chartered surveyor, was a Burgess Hill Town councillor from 1999 until 2007, was a governor of Woodlands Meed School from 2013 until 2017, I am the chairman of the "Respect" Youth Club which I helped form in 2007 and I am a committee member of the Friends of the Burgess Hill Green Circle Network. I am also a member of the Burgess Hill District Lions Club and currently, I am the manager of the Lion Club's Book Shop in Burgess Hill.

   I enjoy supporting the community and taking lots of holidays.